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Washington Ledesma was a successful young engraver and painter in a democratic Uruguay when the rightwing militaristic situation in the 70's forced him to leave his country on short notice. At that time his work had traveled to many European as well as Eastern European countries and Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

He settled in the United States in New York where he became known as a ceramist for his unusual designs in decorating the clay and his jubilant use of color. After working in Soho and living for a while in the rural countryside in Pennsylvania, Washington eventually discovered the Island of Martha's Vineyard where he now has his studio and is a member of an artist cooperative, the Night Heron Gallery. Many people develop an emotional attachment to his work and they collect multiple pieces in the course of time.

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Until recently he participated in major craft shows across the country such as the Baltimore and Californian ACE Shows, Paradise City Festival Shows and the Martha’s Vineyard’s Artisans Shows. He has taught at the Truro Center for the Arts and at the Featherstone Center for the Arts on Martha’s Vineyard. Earlier he was a Fellow at the then Radcliffe

Ceramics Studios in Cambridge and most recently, in early 2020, he taught at Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic. His work is in many collections in the U.S. as well as abroad.

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